Divine 29

October 6, 2013…this date marks a very special time in my life…my 29th birthday!!!  I know many people will read this and wonder “what’s so special about turning 29…it’s not even a milestone!”  However, for me, it’s just that…Allow me to elaborate…

You see, I have entered every year of my twenties in a state of complete and utter brokenness…and every year I have had the same resolution “nothing broken, nothing broken, nothing broken…”  For the first part of the year, I’ll do okay…I’ll be reading the Word, focused on the Lord and that goal of “nothing broken” doesn’t seem so out of reach…but then, somewhere along the way, life happens…and I find myself right back at start!  So, how do I end up here?  What makes this year so different?  Well, a couple of months before my 29th birthday, life dealt me another painful blow…and I found myself at a crossroads…I could either continue on my same path, which has led to nothing more than brokenness, rejection and heartache…or I could choose a new path…a path less traveled…the path that leads to wholeness and healing.  If you’re guessing I chose the second path…then you, my friend, have guessed correctly!!!

So, October 6, 2013, was not just my 29th birthday…it also marked the beginning of a new life for me…a fresh start…a new season.  This year, I have resolved in my heart to place my total confidence in God and his goal for my life! I’ve surrendered my broken pieces to Him and I trust he will put me back together, better than I’ve ever been before!  What’s more than that, I’m trusting him to bring me peace as I travel down this rocky road, on my journey to wholeness and healing.  I’m so excited and I believe this is going to be a very special year…a year unlike any other…a year of breakthrough…a year of wonder…Hence, the birth of my blog:-)

“Leave the broken, irreversible past in God’s hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him.” Oswald Chambers