Memories made in the coldest winter…

Before I begin my session of serial blogging, I guess I should first provide a little bit of background information (especially considering that I have neglected my blog for the last four months…sheesh!)…So, at the start of my blog, I shared about the progress I had been making on my journey to wholeness…but…as we know, progress is a process that can often be two steps forward and one step back…Needless to say, fall turned into winter and I quickly found myself traveling backwards on the road to healing (hence the title of my blog post)…Thankfully, I was able to pull it together and get myself back on track…However, this would not be an honest blog if I withheld that piece of my journey…So, with that being said, my next few posts will be things I had written during that dark season of my life…after I post these writings, I fully intend to turn the page on winter so that I can finally embrace the newness of spring…and, YES, there will be newness!;-)

Stay tuned…

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