Unrequited Love

If you were here right now, I would tell you that I love you…but you see, the love that I have for you is not an ordinary love…no, it’s very different…the love that I have for you is not the kind of love that exist between a boy and a girl…not even between a husband and a wife…it’s not a love that you’ve earned…nor is it a love that you deserve…and it’s definitely not the kind of love that you’re used to…it’s the kind of love that catches you by surprise, and changes your life forever…

It’s not a fairytale type of love that you cling to because you feel it in your heart…no, it’s the kind of love that originates in the depths of your soul and clings to you…an unshakable kind of love…the kind of love that puts a song in your heart while simultaneously putting a tear in your eye…the kind of love that fills you up with pain, anger and confusion…but that also brings you insurmountable joy…the kind of love you fight for no matter what the cost…and when it’s gone, the type of love that keeps you reeling from the loss…

A love few have ever known or heard about…you won’t read about it in a book…or hear about it in a song…no words can capture the true essence of this love…not even Webster’s can define it…a love so powerful it wakes you up in the middle of the night, just so you can write about it…no, it’s definitely not the kind of love that I’m used to…it’s a love that’s strong enough to move mountains…but like a mountain it remains…steadfast…immovable …a love that endures even when we don’t…

It is a painful, devastating, earth shattering type of love…a heart breaking kind of love… a love few would be able to understand…a love neither you nor I can comprehend…a love that was born in the darkest of places…a love that will never know a happy ending…

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